What is Home Connect?

A WiFi radio antenna similar to a DSTV satellite dish however BrightWave’s Home Connect device is about 5 times smaller.

What does the WiFi antenna do?

The antenna is what allows you to connect to the Internet using BrightWave’s broadband infrastructure.
With the antenna professionally installed by our technicians, the antenna will connect with BrightWave’s broadband network and your home and you will then gain access to the Internet.
Because the antenna is wireless it allows you and your family to use the Internet through your cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops and other WiFi enabled devices.

How does one get a Home Connect?

You will need to buy the Home Connect antenna from us. The antenna is fully owned by you for a once off investment.

How to keep yourself online?

Because you now own the Home Connect device; just like owning a cellphone, you will need to purchase data bundles as you use them.
BrightWave has a drive to ensure Fast Affordable Internet for all and we are offering data packages from 1GB to 30GB.

Is this a contract?

No. The data is bought on prepaid basis, just like your cellphone’s airtime or data bundles. We actually follow the same data usage rules as cellphones… Our data expires at 1 month intervals, what this means is that the data package selected by you must be used up within a month; once the 31 days have passed you will need to purchase an additional data voucher to stay connected to the Internet if you so wish.


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